Do you want to get rid of phone addiction? .. Here are 4 ways


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The smartphone is a great tool to accomplish a lot of tasks during the day, but according to one study, it was found that the average user checks his phone more than 47 times a day, and this results in spending more than 3 hours on average occupied with his smartphone, and then when you find yourself checking From your phone constantly and without purpose, it becomes a source of distraction, not an addition.

In addition, your preoccupation with the smartphone can harm your personal relationships and daily productivity, requiring you to reduce or control smartphone use throughout the day.

Here are 4 ways to help you get rid of smartphone addiction:

1- Turn off app notifications:

The notifications from the applications on the smartphone are one of the most important reasons that make you look at your phone screen continuously and repeatedly throughout the day; Which may be classified as a state of phone addiction, so to get rid of this matter, you must set or disable all application notifications in your phone.

2- Delete the most distracting apps:

To stop looking at the smartphone screen continuously and repeatedly, you must uninstall the applications that you think are distracting you, or you find that you check them constantly, such as: the Facebook or Twitter application, the desire to open the application and check the notifications that appear in the application icon is tempting to many .

Even if you find it difficult to stay away from social networking applications, such as Facebook, and you do not want to delete it from your phone, you can move it to the second page of the phone screen, so that you do not see the application notifications icon on the main screen, or you can simply delete the application from your phone and use the web version.

3- Set a time when using the application:

Most smartphones provide a screen time check feature, as this feature allows you to know the amount of time you spend using the smartphone as well as the applications that you use the most, if you use an iPhone, follow these steps:

Open the (Settings) application on your phone.
• Click on the option (Screen Time), a graph will appear that shows your phone usage during the day.
• To get more data, click on the See All Activity option below the graph.
Here you can see the apps you have opened, the websites you visited, and you can also set limits for the most frequently used apps.
If you are using an Android phone, you can use the Digital Wellbeing feature, which provides you with a dashboard that shows you the amount of time you use each application by day and week.

4- Leave your phone away from you:

Having the smartphone away from you and not within your reach will help you greatly to get rid of the addiction to its use, so when you get to the workplace, it is best to leave it in the bag or drawer in the office, as well as at home, you can place it in a place relatively far from you so that you do not get busy with it all the time.

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