Details of free field hospital services


In a statement, the Ministry of Public Health informed citizens that “the field hospitals that arrived in Lebanon in the wake of the port explosion are still inspecting and treating for free all the sick and wounded who come to them in various specialties including public health, general surgery, plastic surgery and obstetrics, and medicines are distributed free of charge in a number of them. “a.The following is an updated list of these hospitals and their services:
The Iranian Hospital at the Lebanese University Al-Hadath: It provides diagnostics, examinations and examinations, and medicines, including medicines for chronic diseases, suspending vaccines and performing moderate operations, in addition to suturing wounds, treating burns, ECG, respirators, and treating fractures. The hospital has a number of beds in case patients need more care.

The Italian Hospital at the Lebanese University Al-Hadath (it will be opened next week to receive non-critical illness cases to relieve pressure on hospitals): It will be equipped with a laboratory and radiology department, and it will conduct PCR examinations for patients who come to it in order to protect them from the virus as well as its medical staff. And it will be equipped with medicines to secure them for patients according to their health status diagnosis after they are examined in the hospital.

The Moroccan Hospital in Karantina: includes a laboratory and a pharmacy. It specializes in treating children, diseases, gynecological surgery, ophthalmology, general surgery and orthopedics.
The Jordanian Hospital in Tal Al-Zaatar: It includes a pharmacy and includes specialists in orthopedics, plastic surgery, general health, and obstetrics. The hospital provides PCR tests for patients before starting their treatment.

The Qatari Hospital in the Al-Roum Hospital Al-Ashrafiya parking lot: It has 500 beds for treating patients, including three intensive care beds with ventilators, with a dedicated pediatric care bed and two minor surgery beds. The hospital also has a pharmacy that provides medicines for chronic diseases and diabetes, as well as painkillers and equipment to treat fractures. “


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