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It is often a combination of two different age groups in designing a decor bedrooms A difficult task, but it is necessary in apartments with limited space. In this context, interior designer Marwa Bandar Jameel revealed 4 rules and tricks for overcoming the challenges in the region Design The décor of the common bedrooms is for children of different ages.

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1. The layout of the room

To design a successful shared room, it goes without saying that proper planning is the first step. In this context, it is necessary to prepare two separate areas somewhat, in order to give each of the occupants privacy. And in what follows, some tips for decorating: Each bed can be placed in a direction other than the other, with the use of different colors or wallpaper in each direction, provided that the options are coordinated.

It is preferable to use an embellished partition to divide the room into two parts, such as a hollow acrylic barrier, a movable curtain, or a bookcase that is open from both sides. Especially at night. Conversely, the boy / girl bed is fixed on the opposite side. It is preferable to allocate a common area to the occupants of the room, which strengthens their relationship.

2. Furniture

A shared bedroom needs twice as much furniture compared to the room occupied by an individual, so it is preferable to furnish it with simple and practical mattresses, with the necessary pieces as limited as possible. In this context, the tooth determines the type of furnishings. For example: In a child’s room (e), it is necessary to attend a cot or a small-sized bed equipped with a storage unit, with the addition of the appropriate accessories. An older boy / girl requires a bed, a study desk, a dressing table with a mirror, in addition to a chair to relax, if the available space allows, and in turn, the wardrobe is designed for two boys / two girls or more, while multi-layered beds can be used to save space.

In the event that a child (e) and a boy / girl share the room, a comfortable chair and large cushions suitable to sit on can be added by the last (e). And for the child (e), a small chair and toys are provided. In view of the age difference between the occupants of the room, the size of the furniture will vary, but it is necessary to maintain a uniform style, whether it is modern or classic … given that adding a personal character to each of them is done through accessories.

3. Colors

When designing a joint room for a child (e) and a teenager (e), we must take into account the following color options: a basic color for the room’s furniture (white or light wood), then a mixture of harmonious colors, such as “pastel”, such as: light blue, pink, light yellow and beige And alkokhi for appendices (bedspread, pillows …). And if pastel colors are not desirable, bright ones, such as orange and metallic blue, can be used in a small proportion, in order to complete the room’s decor.

4. Storage

Shared bedrooms are among the spaces that suffer from poor organization, due to the abundance of toys, school tools and personal items. Finding space in a shared bedroom to store twice the things available can be a tough task. Therefore, it is possible to choose pieces of furniture that have a storage area inside, such as the bed with folding drawers at the bottom, which is useful for storing items of seasonal or limited use. There is also a seat that takes the form of a storage unit, and is used to place children’s toys or personal items for the girl. It is also recommended to use a common shelving unit, so that the teenager can use the upper shelves of it for her books, with the lower one being dedicated to the child’s games and special tools.

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