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Friday, 04 September 2020 It is 02:20 am(Yemen Press – Follow-ups)

Google has banned another set of dangerous applications from the famous “Play Store”, and Android users have been warned to delete them now from their smartphones immediately.

Not a week often goes by without Android users being alerted to another threat. Unfortunately, September started off badly with alerts about a number of apps, which could contain malware.

The new flaw installs hidden spyware and premium communication programs on smartphones, and deceives users into approving very expensive initial subscription plans that they did not want or could not afford.

The Pradeo security team said they discovered 6 other Android apps that can fill phones with hidden Joker malware.

Pradeo’s Roxanne Sowo explained: “The Joker is a malicious program (classified as Fleeceware) whose main activity is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS messages to subscribe to unwanted premium paid services without the users’ knowledge. By using the least amount of code and hiding it completely, The “Joker” generates a highly secret fingerprint that may be difficult to detect. ”

The apps that appeared in this latest attack are believed to have collected more than 200,000 installations, which means that a large number of users’ devices can now be infected.

Google deleted 4 applications from the Play Store immediately, although two applications remained until last evening, the first of September.

All this changed overnight with all apps now removed from the Play Store.

Here is a list of the deleted apps:

– Safety AppLock – Convenient Scanner 2.

– Push Message-Texting&SMS. – Emoji Wallpaper.

– Separate Doc Scanner. – Fingertip GameBox.

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