Decisive day … the latest developments in the departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona (updated)





Argentine Lionel Messi sparked an earthquake in the world of the round-up by informing him, last Tuesday, of his club Barcelona, ​​by fax, of his desire “unilaterally” to terminate the contract linking them until June 30, 2021.

  • From Barcelona … Messi’s father comments on his son’s future in one word
  • Jorge Messi, Lionel Messi’s father and his agent, arrived Wednesday morning at Barcelona airport via a private plane, to meet with Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of “Barça”, to settle the future of the “flea”.

    Jorge Messi told reporters, who gathered at El Prat airport to receive him and obtain some information about the fate of Lionel, only one phrase: “I don’t know anything, guys,” before he got in a car and left the airport.

  • On the decisive day .. Will Messi continue his career with Barcelona, ​​or will he leave?
  • Today, Wednesday, it is expected that the future of the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, will be decided between staying with Barcelona or leaving after all the controversy raised in the past days.
  • Messi’s father travels to Barcelona to meet Bartomeu
  • The father of the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, took a private plane from Argentina on Tuesday evening, heading to Spain to meet tomorrow with Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona.
  • Guardiola gives a shocking advice to Messi
  • Argentine newspaper “Veronica Brunati” revealed that the Spanish coach, Pep Guardiola, Manchester City Football Club, advised Lionel Messi to continue with Barcelona in the current period, and at the end of the season he can move to City for free, since his transfer in the current period will be a lot of difficulty.

  • Jorge Valdano: Messi has already left Barcelona
  • Argentine Jorge Valdano, the former Real Madrid player, stated that he has no doubt about the departure of his fellow star Lionel Messi from Barcelona, ​​whether he moved to another club or returned to his home country.

  • Fans of a modest team launch a campaign to raise 900 million euros to buy Messi
  • Fans of the German soccer team, Stuttgart, launched a fundraising campaign to strengthen the ranks of their team by hiring Argentine star Lionel Messi, captain of the Barcelona team.
  • A direct and “sexy” message from Paris Saint-Germain to Messi: Hi, Leo
  • Paris Saint-Germain is closely watching the developments of the ongoing crisis between Lionel Messi and Barcelona, ​​as the player insists on leaving for free this summer, while the club insists on its right to receive the value of the penalty clause.

    And the official account of Paris Saint-Germain published on “Twitter” a moving picture, and commented on it with exciting words …

  • Barcelona decides on the possibility of making a swap deal with Manchester City
  • The Barcelona administration made clear its position that in the event that the door to negotiations on the sale of Messi is opened, any players will be refused in the deal, as the Catalan club needs funds only in exchange for agreeing to Messi’s departure, one year before the end of his contract.
  • Messi’s father responds to Saint Germain’s interest in joining his son
  • Brazilian Leonardo, sporting director of Saint Germain, made a call with Jorge, the father and agent of Lionel Messi’s business, and asked him about the possibility of the Argentine star’s transfer to the French team, but Jorge Messi told Leonardo that his son preferred to move to Manchester City, England.
  • Messi declares war on Barcelona after a challenge Bartomeu
  • Matters escalated in Barcelona, ​​after Josep Maria Bartomeu said that he was ready to resign from the club’s presidency if Messi appeared to the fans and confirmed that he was the main reason, thus increasing pressure on Leo, who was about to respond immediately, but he backed down.

  • Paris Saint-Germain offers a tempting offer for Messi, better than City
  • Paris Saint-Germain offered Barcelona captain Lionel Messi a higher salary than he is currently receiving in Barcelona, ​​in addition to paying compensation to the Catalan club, which Manchester City will not be able to provide, due to the fair financial play law.

  • A report reveals the details of Messi’s agreement with Manchester City
  • Lionel Messi reached an agreement with Manchester City Football Club, to join its ranks during the current Mercato.

  • Barcelona president challenges Messi and agrees to resign with one condition
  • Josep Maria Bartomeu, president of Barcelona, ​​is ready to resign from the Catalan club during the current period, only if the Argentine star Lionel Messi appears and announces his continuation with Barcelona publicly, while not wanting the president to be in his position.

  • A global company pressures Real Madrid to sign Messi
  • Adidas is putting pressure on Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, to sign Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s captain, this summer.
  • Messi offers Neymar to play together in Manchester City
  • A big surprise, Lionel Messi, the Barcelona star, asked his former colleague Neymar, the current Paris Saint-Germain star, to accompany him to Manchester City.
  • Messi takes part in Barcelona’s first exercise with Koeman
  • Lionel Messi plans to attend Barcelona training next Monday, although he expressed his desire to stay away from the “Camp” stadium during the current summer transfer season, to avoid any legal dispute with the club, or to give him an advantage in any future legal procedures.
  • Leaked audio recording attributed to Messi
  • Argentine newspaper “La Nación” published, on Wednesday, an audio recording of Messi’s admission that he wants to leave Barcelona and sign for Manchester City, but his father and his agent Jorge said that the recording is forged.
  • Dozens of Barcelona fans storm the “Camp Nou” stadium, to protest Messi’s departure

  • Messi’s father negotiates with Manchester City:
  • Messi’s father is negotiating with Manchester City officials to discuss the possibility of his son moving to the English club.
  • How long does Messi have to sign for another club?
  • Speculation about the next destination for Lionel Messi, in the event of his departure from Barcelona, ​​began with the approaching summer transfer market going on.
  • Dates to close the transfer market in European leagues:
  • In Spain: 10/5/2020
  • In Portugal: 10/6/2020
  • In England: 10/16/2020
  • In Germany: 10/5/2020
  • In Italy: 10/5/2020
  • In France: 7/9/2020
  • In the Netherlands: 7/21/2020
  • The first official comment from Barcelona on news of Messi’s departure:

    Barcelona technical secretary Ramon Blanes announced in a press interview today, Wednesday, that the Catalan club’s management is working hard to persuade Messi to stay in the club during the coming period, after he asked to leave this summer.

  • European clubs contact Messi to start negotiations:
  • Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain are the two favorites in the race to obtain the services of Barcelona’s Argentine jewel, and the British have already begun to communicate with Messi’s inner circle.
  • Messi “Trend” No. 1 on Twitter:

  • Messi is the most popular thing currently on “Twitter” since the announcement of his departure, as the number of tweets about him exceeded 4 million tweets, and speculation continues about the team that Messi will sign for him, to join him from next season, which is the most exciting event, which all football fans are waiting for about the world.
  • Messi raises the appetite of European clubs to include him in their ranks:
  • According to specialized media, three clubs will have the ability to welcome the presence of the Argentine legend in its ranks: Paris Saint-Germain, France’s Inter Milan, and Manchester City, England.
  • Abandonment of Suarez lit the fuse of “Messi departure”:

  • Spanish newspapers reported that Luis Suarez, a close friend of the Argentine star, stood behind Messi’s decision to leave Barcelona, ​​due to the improper treatment that Uruguayan Suarez received when Ronald Koeman, the new Barca coach, told him that he was out of his accounts in the new season, which angered Messi.
  • Barcelona’s president breaks his silence and denies his resignation:

    Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu has denied the news of his resignation and said he will not do so for the time being, and confirmed that this news is completely unfounded.

  • The negotiations to keep Messi and the circumstances of the activation of the clause allowing him to leave: The club considers that Messi’s contract is valid until June 30, 2021, and under the clause that allows him to leave, it expired on the tenth of last June, but the unusual nature of this season due to the Corona virus has paved the way for Messi to request the termination of his contract as of now, the matter relates to the first step Towards opening negotiations for his departure, on the basis of the contract termination clause of 700 million euros.
  • Al-Barsha fans gather and smell riot outside “Camp Nou” to protest Messi’s departure

    A wave of public anger outside the “Camp Nou” stadium, the stronghold of the Catalan club, and expectations of riots, expressing their discontent with the team’s management, which will not succeed in managing Lionel Messi’s file.

  • Messi informs Barcelona of his departure from the team by fax:

    His star and captain Messi, 33, told the Catalan club by fax that he wanted to terminate his contract “unilaterally”, under the clause allowing him to do so, which expired on the tenth of June.

  • After the decisive meeting with Koeman .. Messi decides to leave:

    Barcelona new coach Messi Koman told his decision to leave Barcelona this summer and not be part of his plan for the future.

  • After the historic loss, Messi threatens to leave:

    Messi threatened to leave after the resounding loss on August 14 to Bayern Munich 8-2 ​​in the Champions League quarter-finals, if no radical changes were made, the most important of which was the dismissal of coach Quique Setien, a decision that had already been taken, along with the departure of club president Josep Bartomeu.

    As for Messi’s last request, it remains the departure of a number of Barcelona players, who failed to cope during the last period, and some of them were the cause of the historic defeat.

  • Fiery statements from Messi alarming: The Barcelona captain criticized his team after losing to Osasuna 1-2 in the 37th round of the LaLiga championship, and losing the league title to Real Madrid.
  • Messi shocks Barcelona and stops the negotiations:
  • Messi is angry at the leaked media reports that show him that he is responsible for events at the club, such as the dismissal of coach Ernesto Valverde in January, and that he is frustrated with the lack of quality in the team.

    Messi, formerly known for his shy personality off the field, has been more outspoken in his criticism of the club, which he has known only since 2005 last year.

    As sporting director Eric Abidal criticized the Argentine last January, when he implied that the players were behind Valverde’s dismissal.

    In an interview with the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” last February, Messi declared that the team was not good enough to win the Champions League this season.

    Then in April, the Argentine captain criticized the club’s management after speaking about the players’ unwillingness to accept a wage cut in order to help the club with its financial difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The end of a long love affair:And if Messi leaves the Catalan club, it will be the end of a long 20-year relationship between the Argentine star and Barcelona. Messi joined the club in 2000 at the age of 13, and climbed all the ranks within one of the most famous clubs in the world, to end up obtaining a status. “The best player of all time.”
  • Source: RT


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