Cyrine Abdel Nour raises controversy after her insulting response to a fan for an unbelievable reason


The actress, Cyrine Abdel Nour, sparked a wave of controversy after she responded in a shocking way to a fan who criticized the series “Dantil”, in which Serene is starring.The fan said on Serene’s page: In general, the work is stupid and weak, and the dialogues are bad and boring. We do not want to see the future so that the stars who love them think before they agree to any text.

Surprisingly, Siren responded to the follow-up when she told her, “Don’t attend (don’t watch the series).”

The follow-up answered, saying: I do not want to attend, and I want to criticize my work, and you do not want to know my opinion of you. Do a block or say every word we say when it shakes your body.


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