Crying and masks line … two touching scenes of Muhammad Ramadan while supporting victims of burn accidents … Video


Artist Mohamed Ramadan was keen to attend a press conference to support victims of burn accidents, under the supervision of the “Ahl Masr” hospital.

During the conference, the artist Mohamed Ramadan announced the launch of a line of masks bearing the title MR1 to support burn victims, as 5 percent of the proceeds will be allocated to the People of Egypt Foundation,

It is noteworthy that Ramadan could not help himself and wept after showing a short video about some of the cases that the hospital adopted.

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Ramadan released the song “Ya Habibi” two days ago, in partnership with Miter James, and achieved great success and high ratings hours after it was released through the official channel on the “YouTube” site.

The song’s lyrics say: “I will tell you one word. I will bless you from many words… I don’t want to be romantic… but I don’t have to prove you…


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