Cristiano Ronaldo reading and learning on the plane … a picture


Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, player of the Italian club Juventus, shared his followers and fans with a new picture of him in his classic appearance through his personal Instagram account, through which he appeared on a plane to somewhere and used his spare time to read inside the plane, directing advice to his followers on the necessity of reading and learning.

On the other hand, Andrea Pirlo, the Juventus coach, confirmed that he is studying playing with Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, Spanish Alvaro Morata, Argentine Paulo Dybala and Swedish Diane Kulusevski in the upcoming matches, but it is not certain so far because Morata recently arrived at the Bianconeri ranks, and he did not have long time to train with Old lady players.

Pirlo said at the press conference to face Roma in the second round of the Italian league scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, “We did not have long time to work, the striker we were looking for just arrived, but relying on Ronaldo, Dybala, Morata and Kulusevski is an idea we will have time to study, to find a solution when Everyone is at the best level. “

Cristiano Ronaldo

Pirlo added, “Arthur comes from a period of inactivity but is doing well, stabilizing both tactically and physically.”

Pirlo indicated that the Juventus players are eager to win titles in the new season despite winning a lot, and that this enthusiasm and this desire to improve reassure him a lot at the start of the season.

The Juventus coach said, “We did a good job during the week, better than the previous week. We are intensifying training and the men are doing well.”

On the transfer market, Pirlo said, “If there are opportunities, we will evaluate them, and we are working at the present time to assess Khedira’s situation and are working on choosing the best solution to look into. We hope to find a solution suitable for both parties.”

In a recent conclusion, Pirlo expressed his admiration for the talent of Eden Djikko, the Roma player, but he confirmed the club’s withdrawal from negotiations to join him.


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