Coronavirus: Boris Johnson says Britain is experiencing a “second wave” of the outbreak


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Johnson does not want to impose wider lockdown measures

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Britain is “now witnessing a second wave” of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, adding that “it was inevitable that we would face this situation in the country.”

Johnson said he “does not wish to impose wider lockdown measures,” but that tighter social distancing restrictions may be necessary.

A new set of three levels of restrictions is being considered, designed to avoid a nationwide lockdown.

The first level will be the level of measures currently in place in most parts of England, with social distancing as a primary restriction.

As for the second level, it includes the measures in place in the north-east of England, that is, curfews in hospitality places and the prohibition of meetings between families.

The third level will include stricter lockdown measures.

According to the plan, the “second level” will be applied in some regions and not others, depending on the extent of the epidemic, but it is believed that, in the end, this level will be applied to all regions of the country.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said it was increasingly likely that the city’s nine million residents would be required to undergo the measures that were implemented in the north-east of England.

The BBC was informed of the contents of the meeting in which the plan was discussed. It was stated in the meeting that the government protection policy is “under frequent review” and that a decision may soon be issued regarding further measures to protect the most affected groups.

With the virus expected to be more severe during the winter, officials are looking into measures that could last until spring.

‘It’s hard to maintain that’

This also comes as Britain recorded 4,322 other confirmed cases of Covid-19.

“Obviously when looking at what is happening now, it is natural to ask whether we need to go beyond the six-person rule that we introduced,” Johnson said, referring to the new measures that were implemented on Monday and included a ban on gathering more. Of six people in one place.

He added that although “the British people have done a wonderful job in abiding by the rules in order to get past the peak of the outbreak,” but “now they find it difficult to maintain that for a long time.”

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Approximately 4.7 million people will be affected by the new restrictions

In his remarks made in Oxfordshire, Johnson said: “I absolutely do not want to impose wider closure measures, we want to keep schools open, and it is wonderful that the conditions in them are back to what they were. We want to keep the economy open as much as we can and that we can.” Our business continues. ”

“The only way we can do this is clearly for people to follow the directions,” he added.

BBC political affairs editor Laura Koonsberg has said that the government is considering imposing stricter rules for a short period, and that could be disclosed within the next week.

The ideas proposed by the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies included the closure of some parts of the restaurants, bars and hotels sector.


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