Corona virus is at its worst !!


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And according to the “New York Times” newspaper, the impact of the emerging corona virus may reach the infected person to the point of delirium and a state of mental confusion.

The source stated that the effect of this infection targets the kidneys, liver and blood vessels, while nearly half of the infected people reported symptoms in the nervous system such as headache, confusion, and delirium, and in more severe cases, the virus leads to a stroke..

A recent American study revealed that the emerging corona virus invades brain cells, and then makes other copies of it.

In the next stage, it takes up all the oxygen in the brain region of the body, which leads to depriving other necessary cells of their share, that is, causing their death directly.

It is not clear how the emerging corona virus can reach the brain before it destroys it, because this matter rarely happens, but some people are exposed to it, due to genetic factors, or because they were infected with a large shipment of the virus or for other unknown reasons..

Akiko Iwasaki, a researcher in immunology at the American Yale University, who is the academic supervising the study, said, “If the infection moves to the brain, the consequence is fatal.”“.

The researchers relied on brain images taken of people who were infected with the emerging corona virus that appeared in China, late last year.

The researchers focused on 3 categories of people with Corona who were affected in the brain, and in the first of those groups, the brain tissue was studied in people who died from “Covid 19”.“.

As for the second and third categories, the researchers studied the effect of the Corona virus on mice, along with what are known as “brain organoids”, which are three-dimensional organic models, which researchers use in the laboratory.

Michael Zandi, a consultant doctor in diseases of the nervous system in Britain, said, “Before, we did not actually have evidence about the ability of the virus to infect the brain, but we thought nonetheless that this would happen.“.

But shortly after this American study, the academic confirms that the data that were presented provide additional indications that a brain injury, as a result of Corona, is possible..

And last July, Zandi and his colleagues published a medical paper, confirming that people infected with the Coronavirus had suffered nerve damage as a result of the “Covid 19” disease.


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