Corona “… The Minister of Health calls for a complete closure for two weeks


The Minister of Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, said in an interview with Al-Diyar newspaper: “It is clear with the relaxation of the general mobilization controls and the return to normalcy, and as a result of the indifference to these controls, there has been a disregard for the individual and society and a lack of responsibility.”

Hassan added, “All institutions, whether in the state or in the private sector, have not been taken care of, concerned with medical staff, places of gathering and the rest of the institutions.”

In response to a question about how the Ministry of Health handles the matter, he said, “I call for a complete closure for two weeks and for all accounts and economic warnings to be dropped, and for a general lockdown for two weeks to stop the outbreak.”

Minister Hassan called for declaring an applicable state of emergency that leads to blame and stopping the spread before it is too late, and for hospital institutions to assume their responsibilities before society, and the security agencies that take care of the law on public mobilization should ensure its implementation without any exceptions.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Ministry of Public Health announced that 779 new cases of corona were recorded (772 local and 7 foreign), bringing the total number of infections to 28,297.

The ministry pointed out in its report, “5 new deaths were recorded.”

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