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Corona continues to sweep across regions, causing hundreds of injuries and a number of deaths.

Corona continues to sweep across regions, causing hundreds of injuries and a number of deaths.

The Ministry of Health announced that 18 deaths and 750 cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Lebanon today, including 25 imported cases.

The total number of injuries reached 27,518, while the total number of deaths was 281.

Hariri Hospital

The daily report of the Rafic Hariri University Hospital was released on the latest developments about the Coronavirus, and it stated:

– The number of examinations conducted in the hospital laboratories during the past 24 hours: 691

– The number of patients infected with Coronavirus who are in the hospital for follow-up: 78

– The number of suspected cases of being infected with Coronavirus during the past 24 hours: 22

– The number of recovered cases of patients in the hospital during the past 24 hours: 0

– Total patients recovered from inside the hospital from the beginning to the date: 420 cases

– Number of cases that were transferred from the intensive care unit to the isolation unit after their condition improved: 0

Number of critical cases inside the hospital: 25

Deaths: 0

Good warning

The Minister of Public Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, accompanied by the director of medical care at the ministry, Dr. Joseph Helou, and the head of the epidemiological surveillance program, Dr. Nada Ghosn, visited the Cross Hospital for Mental and Psychological Diseases in Jal el Dib – Bqnaya. He was received by the General President of the Sisters of the Cross, Mother Mary Makhlouf, the Attorney General, Sister Nahida Shakour, the President of the Hospital, Sister Hayam Al-Badawi, and its Director, Sister Josephine Matar, and a number of doctors.

After a tour in the hospital and listening to the problems that he suffers from, Hassan said: “We are moving from institution to institution and from center to center in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, and today we visit – pause at Deir al-Salib with the general president, nuns, and the medical and administrative team in light of the registration of many Of cases among the patients and the nursing team. “

Hassan noted “the efforts of all those involved in Deir al-Salib on this exemplary bid and the plan applied to isolate the injured, follow up on contacts and intervene when needed to transfer any injured person in need of care to specialized hospitals as a first stage.” He said: “We are launching an appeal to the international and international bodies that have started to visit Deir al-Salib for more cooperation because we have agreed to prepare a hospitalization class for patients with corona at the expense of the Ministry of Public Health, with the direct exception of me on Monday, in addition to preparing two intensive care rooms with a gift from the ministry from the fund. We call on international and international organizations to help, because this edifice, with its patriotic, humanitarian, and advanced sense of all the Lebanese, must be rewarded by extending a hand for cooperation by all. “

“The ministry will also provide, starting tomorrow morning, aid through the Lebanese army, in addition to preventive supplies and medicine, and all aid will be available to the Monastery of the Cross during this period,” he declared.

Hassan warned of “the increase in the number of people infected with Corona, especially after five days have passed since the general mobilization rules were relaxed.” Cases “.


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