Corona hunts the stars of Saint-Germain, Neymar, Di Maria, and Leandro Paredes – Al-Banna newspaper


Received masses Paris San Germain news Shocking Related With an injury Some لاعبي the team French With a virus Corona Novelty.

و .علن club Capital French in a statement formal, yesterday Wednesday, infection 3 لاعبين With virus distance The checks Medical Which They underwent to her Recently. And did not Announce San Germain in a piano The names Players Injured, Expected Their status in a Stone Health لمدة Two weeks On the least.

From Her side, Confirmed Broadcasting «Mont Carlo» French that the couple Argentine Angel D. Maria ولياندرو Paredes exposure للإصابة With virus, After Came Sample it Positive.

While Reported newspaper «L’Equipe» That The player the third Injured he is The striker Brazilian Neymar This Silva.

وقرر Club continuation submission all Components the team, Start From the crew Training to me Players, For checks patrol in a the days Few Coming, To check on On Their safety.

This comes a few days before Saint-Germain plays its first match in the French league in the 2020-2021 season, as Lance will face his home on September 20, in the second round competitions.


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