Corona generates hundreds of millions of Japanese people


Tell me – While the Corona virus epidemic caused heavy losses to most business sectors in the world, a Japanese man succeeded in exploiting the crisis in a simple way that generated hundreds of millions of dollars on him.

Electronic signature has become common in Japan, due to the repercussions of the Corona virus, which forced the majority of the population to work from home.

According to “Forbes” magazine, giant Japanese companies such as “Toyota” and “Nomura” are now resorting to electronic signature, a service provided by the “Bingo 4” site, and contributed to the increase of its shares by 100 percent this year.

The rise in stock prices contributed to making the founder of the site Taishiro Motoi a billionaire, with “Forbes” economic specialist estimated his net worth at just over a billion dollars.

The source explained that investors are “optimistic” about the electronic signature services of “Bingo 4”, known as “CloudSign”, as it has become a refuge for people who work from home and need to sign files and documents legally.

“The Cloud Sign changes the traditional way of signing documents, which Japan has continued to adopt since the nineteenth century,” Motoy said in a press statement.

According to “Bingo 4”, its “CloudSign” service is dominant in Japan by 80 percent, as more than 100,000 companies use this service, compared to about 50,000 companies a year ago.

It is noteworthy that before he became an entrepreneur, Motoy was a lawyer at the famous “Anderson Murray” company, then he established his own law firm, and in the same year he decided to create “Bingo 4”.


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