Corona chaos: an American study reveals the virus survives for a longer period in the fall!


A new American study found that the Corona virus may be able to survive on external surfaces for a longer period in autumn conditions.

The study revealed that the virus can thrive in low temperatures and humidity. Under the right conditions, the pathogen can remain on a hiker’s jacket outside for a week, and be contagious the entire time.

In the summer, the lifespan of the Coronavirus was estimated to range from one to three days. The new findings indicate that autumn could “contribute to outbreaks of new diseases.”

The study was written by Jürgen Richt, professor of veterinary microbiology at Kansas State University, in a non-peer-reviewed research paper uploaded to the website. Monday.

The researchers believe that the pathogen will also live longer indoors, in cooler and less humid conditions.

The study revealed that the average life of the Corona virus is approximately 8 hours on a stainless steel door handle.

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It also found that the virus survived about 10 hours in the window, which is nearly twice as long in the summer.

The virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2, has adapted well in humans. However, outside the human body, it thrives most in low temperatures and humid conditions.

In the study, the team used climate figures from the American Midwest to recreate artificial seasons in biosafety rooms.

The temperature was controlled at 13 ° C and the relative humidity 66% for the spring and autumn seasons. In summer, the temperature was 25 degrees and the humidity reached 70%.

The pathogen was placed on the surface of 12 different materials, with humans in contact with them every day. Some of these products included carton, concrete, latex, gloves and N95 masks.

In the early stages of the epidemic, the scientific community had hoped that the spread of the Coronavirus would be slower in the summer.

However, the outbreak of new cases in several regions – especially in the United States – casts doubt on the theory of seasons.

The researchers stated in the study that the results of the Midwest research “clearly show that the virus lives longer in spring / fall conditions, not in summer conditions.”

This trend was observed in all materials tested to different degrees. The virus has survived longer in Tyvek, a synthetic material used for everything from home insulation to personal protective equipment.

And in the fall, there could be an increase in other infectious diseases such as influenza.

Recent studies revealed that this may cause patients to develop multiple diseases that worsen their symptoms.

The researchers urged people to maintain “good personal hygiene and regular disinfection of surfaces, which may be contaminated” to prevent transmission of the Corona virus.

Source: Express


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