Conditions and controls for entry of non-Saudis into the Kingdom’s airports – the economic – the world today


The spokesperson of the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia specified the conditions and controls for entry of non-Saudis into airports, after the start of operating international airports for this stage in the midst of an integrated system of services in coordination with the Ministry of Health and government agencies.

The spokesperson of the General Authority for Civil Aviation said, during the press conference held regarding developments in confronting the Corona virus in the Kingdom, that the systems and controls do not allow non-Saudis to enter the airport except after submitting evidence that they are free from infection with corona in an approved and modern way in addition to home quarantine for those coming from outside The Kingdom for a period of three days, in addition to the previous controls, which are medical disclosure at the stage of reservation, appearing four hours before the appointment for international flights, wearing a cloth muzzle, and maintaining distance and physical and social distancing within the airport.

He stressed the need for travelers to ensure the health requirements applied in the country of departure to it and to comply with any other precautionary measures set by the destination country, such as quarantine, isolation or laboratory examination, in addition to being aware of and adhering to what is stated in the traveler’s guide issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation and published in our official channels Noting that the date and date for lifting the suspension of international flights will be completely set 30 days before January 1.



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