Central – price, date, features … all you need to know about “iPhone 12”


The American company “Apple” is preparing to announce its new “iPhone 12” later this year, while the leaks continue to reveal some of the expected features and benefits.

“ZD Net” magazine has devoted a detailed report to talk about all the details that accompany the latest upcoming phone of the American giant.

How many phones are expected to be launched?

The source said that 4 models of iPhone 12 are expected to be released, two normal and two of the “PRO” type. And the leaks indicate that the lineup will include “iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.”

Display sizes can range from 5.4 inches to 6.1 inches for iPhone 12 and 12 Max, and between 6.1 and 6.7 inches for Pro and Pro Max.

How much will iPhone 12 cost?

Prices can start at $ 649 and reach above $ 1,099, which was confirmed by John Prosser, who is known for leaking information about Apple and Google.

He said in a tweet on his Twitter account that the iPhone 12 will cost $ 649 and the “Pro Max” will cost $ 1099.

When will the new products be introduced?

Usually, Apple announces new iPhone models in September, before putting them on the market approximately 10 days after the event. But “Apple” said earlier that the new devices will be delayed a few weeks this year.

Followers expect that the awaited show will take place on the 12th of next October, or what is next to it.

What will iPhone 12 look like?

According to a Bloomberg report, the new iPhone models will move away from the circular edges used in the iPhone 11, while a return to the flat-edged iPhone 5 design is likely.

With regard to the back, it does not seem that it will undergo any changes, except for its inclusion of two cameras, compared to the 3 cameras that were in the previous version.

There is also speculation that the iPhone 12 will use an aluminum frame, with the Pro model relying on stainless steel.

There is also talk of replacing the green color that was introduced in the iPhone 11, with blue.

Will it have 5G?

All the leaks indicate that the answer is “yes”, as it seems that “Apple” is ready to release its first device compatible with the fifth generation networks.

And previous reports revealed, last August, that the four models of iPhone 12 will all be equipped with “5G”.


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