Cairo University contributes to finding a vaccine for Corona



Cairo University. Egypt.

Dr. Mohamed Othman El-Khasht, President of Cairo University, said that his scientific institution contributes its researchers to international studies to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus, and has completed “25 percent of clinical trials” for this purpose.

Muhammad Othman Al-Khasht confirmed the implementation of “30 percent of the Egyptian participation in scientific research at the global level.” He added, explaining that his university had formed “5 research teams that included more than 25 scientists and researchers from the Faculties of Science, Medicine, and Pharmacy and the National Institute of Oncology and Veterinary Medicine, to conduct scientific and laboratory research on the emerging corona virus and follow the developments of scientific research (…) at the world level, and ( …) all clinical trials that are being worked on to confront the pandemic.

Cairo University contributes to finding a vaccine for CoronaPresident of Cairo University, Dr. Muhammad Othman Al-Khasht. Photo: Al-Ahram Gate.

The director of Cairo University indicated that his institution is the “first” in Egypt in studies and research on the Corona virus, published internationally on the virus, with “about 30 papers out of 100 Egyptian papers, and was able to determine the genetic signature of the type of Corona virus in Egypt, which is represented in 3 types,” The research teams also reached 78 viral samples, enabling us to access a treatment for the Corona virus.

According to the director of Cairo University, the research is conducted using the latest technologies, among them “artificial intelligence techniques that involve computer and information scientists, medical, pharmaceutical and biological teams.”

Mojmed Othman El-Khasht stated that Cairo University has excelled in 8 international rankings, most notably the Shanghai Chinese ranking for the year 2020 for majors, as it came within 1.5% of the world’s high-end universities, and within the best 500 universities in the world out of 30,000 universities. The Spanish University of Cairo ranked among the top 11% of research institutions in the world.

Source: Egyptian “Al-Ahram Gate”.


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