“Cairo Experimental Theater Festival” … creativity wins!


The “Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater” launched yesterday evening, Tuesday, its twenty-seventh session under the slogan “Creativity Wins.”, Which includes, for the first time, live and virtual performances.Provided online due to the circumstances imposed by the global outbreak of Coronavirus.
The course bears the name of the late actor and academic Sanaa Shafaa, who died last August at the age of 77, and includes three competitions: “Ban Theater” which includes nine shows, and “photo shows” that do not exceed 90 minutes. It includes nine performances from China, Japan, the Netherlands, Hungary, the United States, Tunisia, Australia and Egypt, and “Egyptian Live Shows” and includes 13 performances from various official and independent theater production institutions.
The festival program, which ends on September 11th, includes three workshops, one of which is traditionally presented at the “Artistic Creativity Center” on the campus of the “Opera House”, while the other two are presented through the “Zoom” application, in addition to a seminar that will be held on the fifth of September on “The Supreme Council for Culture.”
Unusually because the large theater was hosted in the “Opera House” for the opening, the event was held for the first time in the “National Theater” at Ataba, where the attendees watched an artistic performance of three paintings entitled “Under consideration” directed by Kamal Attia.
The evening presented by actress Sawsan Badr was attended by a number of prominent artists, including Samiha Ayoub, Samira Abdel Aziz, Firdaws Abdel Hamid, Sayed Ragab, and the head of the acting professions Ashraf Zaki.
Minister of Culture Enas Abdel Dayem also honored the name of the late critic and academic Hassan Attia, the name of the late director Mansour Mohamed, the name of the late translator Sami Salah, and director Sami Taha from Egypt. From abroad, the Lebanese actress and director, Maya Zbib, the Swiss director Milo Rao, the French landscape designer Bruno Mesa, and the Italian director Nolo Vacini were honored. Note that it was not possible for them to attend due to the suspension of many international flights due to the global health crisis.


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