British singer Mika gathers celebrities in a virtual party “I Love Beirut” in support of the stricken city


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                The British singer of Lebanese descent hosted the concert "I Love Beirut" (I Love Beirut) at "Teatro Nicolini" and was shown on Mika's private channel on YouTube.  The proceeds of the concert were allocated to help those affected by the Beirut Port bombing on August 4.  She also organized an online fundraiser for the same purpose, raising more than 187,000 pounds.  Celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Salma Hayek and Fanny Ardan also participated in the revival of this ceremony.

                                    <p>Born in British singer Mika <strong><a target="_blank" href="لبنان-حريق-ضخم-في-مرفأ-بيروت-بعد-أسابيع-من-الانفجار-المدمر-والاستعانة-بطائرات-عسكرية-للسيطرة-عليه" rel="noopener noreferrer">Lebanon</a></strong>  Saturday evening a virtual concert in which he sang from Tuscany (Italy) with the participation of celebrities from other countries, most notably Kylie Minogue, Salma Hayek and Fanny Ardan, in support of those affected by <a target="_blank" href="لبنان-خمسة-ملايين-دولار-لترميم-بعض-معالم-التراث-في-بيروت-بينها-قصر-سرسق-الشهير" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>Beirut Port explosion</strong></a>  The apocalyptic 4 last August.

An online fundraiser organized in parallel has raised more than 187,000 pounds (about 241,000 dollars), while the ticket revenues have not yet been announced.

The concert, under the title “I Love Beirut” (“I Love Beirut”), was held in “Teatro Nicolini” and lasted 1 hour and 40 minutes, and was shown on Mika’s private channel on YouTube.

Mika fed his party with guests who appeared in succession, all from his whereabouts in the world. The British Australian star Kylie Minogue performed a song from London, the Italian Laura Pausini sang from the Colosseum archaeological site in Rome, while the French Luoan sang in front of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Paris. The Canadian-American Rufus Wainwright showed up from Los Angeles, accompanied by two oriental instrument players from Beirut.

The ticket price was set at ten dollars, euros, pounds sterling or ten thousand Lebanese pounds.

“It is still too early to say,” Mika tweeted, “But the statistics and the number of views look absolutely wonderful. We will bring you more information.”

Also were the solidarity interventions and views from Mexico by the Mexican actress of Lebanese origin, Salma Hayek and her compatriot Dana Paula, and from Paris by the French actress Fanny Ardan. And from Beirut, the Lebanese poet and artist Etel Adnan. The Lebanese band “Mashrou ‘Leila” and the Italian “Funk Off” band also participated.

The proceeds from the concert tickets will be entirely for “humanitarian assistance to those affected” by the Beirut explosion, and will be distributed by the Lebanese Red Cross and Save the Children in Lebanon.

The explosion on August 4 killed more than 190 people, injured more than 6,500 people, and displaced about 300,000 Beirut residents, whose homes and institutions were damaged or destroyed.

Mika performed for the first time in Downtown Beirut in 2008 at one of the Beiteddine International Festivals, and then he had two concerts in Baalbek in 2010 and 2016.

France 24 / AFP



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