Bill Gates warns of a “more serious” crisis than “Corona”


Bill Gates warns of a “more serious” crisis than “Corona”

Friday – 1 Safar 1442 AH – 18 September 2020 AD

Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft Group (Reuters)

New York: “Middle East Online”

The American billionaire and founder of the Microsoft Group, Bill Gates, warned that the climate change crisis will have a more severe impact than the emerging corona virus, indicating that it may lead to the death of 3 million people by the year 2100 if it is not resolved.
In an interview with Bloomberg News, Gates said, “The Corona epidemic has made clear that governments do not care about the signs and advance warnings of a crisis. This is what is happening now with the climate change crisis that does not receive the necessary attention, and is getting worse daily, in addition to the absence of a direct solution to it, as neither a vaccine nor home isolation works with it.
“Climate change is much more difficult than the (Corona) crisis,” he added. The damage that will occur every year because of it will be greater than what we have seen during this epidemic. ”
Gates noted that within the next forty years, the rise in global temperatures is expected to increase global death rates by 14 deaths per 100,000 people, adding that by 2100, 3 million people could die as a result of this crisis.
When asked about conspiracy theories that alleged he helped create and spread the Corona virus, Gates said, “It is amazing to me that these lies are spread on social media sites much more quickly than spreading the truth.”
And conspiracy theories about Gates spread after the re-publication of an interview with him in 2019, in which the billionaire predicted the emergence of a deadly virus in the markets of China, before its rapid transmission to various parts of the world, which has already happened with the Corona epidemic.
A video clip widely circulated on social media accused Gates of “wanting to get rid of 15 percent of the population” under the guise of vaccinating them.
While Gates calls for the distribution of medicines and vaccines to the most in need and not to those who pay more, the circulating theories accuse him of seeking to exploit the Corona virus crisis “to control people”, and some of them go as far as talking about a mass poisoning plot in Africa. And from the circulating news, that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has investigated Gates for “bioterrorism”.
Gates allocated a budget of $ 250 million to support the fight against the Corona virus, and his foundation invested billions of dollars 20 years ago in developing health systems in poor countries.


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