Bill Gates criticizes the late release of the Corona test results in the United States


On Sunday, the American billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, criticized the current state of the US response to the Covid-19 epidemic, including the period for obtaining the results of Corona tests.

Gates told the program “Fox News Sunday“More than six months into the epidemic, access to rapid tests is still insufficient.”

“Even today, people don’t get their results within 24 hours. It’s disgraceful,” Gates added.

According to the American Fortune magazine, some people may have to wait days or weeks to obtain the results of the examination.

And the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced, on Sunday, that it had recorded six million and 748,935 cases of the new Corona virus, an increase of 42,561 cases over its previous count, and said that the number of deaths increased by 655 to 198,754.

The American “CNBC” network says that the early stages of the epidemic in the United States were marked by a severe shortage of tests, despite the marked improvement over time.

“Political leaders and health workers need to acknowledge publicly that the current testing situation is inadequate, and ways must be found to make the system more efficient. I think we need to acknowledge the fact that we haven’t done a good job,” Gates said.

In CNN’s “State of the Union” program, the Health Ministry official, Brett Gerwier, said part of the reason the tests did not reach a million people a day as expected was the slowing down of the rate of new infections, and thus the decrease in the number of contact tracing tests required.

The states of the western coast and the northeastern states witnessed the initial outbreak period, last spring, and then the epidemic spread to all parts of the country in the following months.

“It just resulted in not having a bad spring, we had a very difficult summer,” he said.

In a statement to CNBC, a White House spokesman responded to Gates, saying, “President Trump has always put the well-being of the American people first, and highlights the administration’s efforts to help develop a vaccine.”

It is noteworthy that Gates, a prominent contributor to charitable donations in the field of health and development in the world, warned years ago about the dangers of an epidemic and its impact on the field of health and the fight against poverty in the world.


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