Biden: Trump has committed treachery by playing down the Coronavirus




Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the US presidential election

Joe Biden attacked the Democratic candidate in the US presidential election, President Donald Trump, saying that underestimating the Coronavirus is a “betrayal” that many Americans have died because of.

In a speech to his supporters in Michigan state today, Wednesday, Biden said: “(Trump) has insistently lied about the virus and the threat it posed to the country for months.”

He added: “The information was in his possession. He knew how dangerous the virus was, and while this deadly epidemic was spreading in our country, he failed to carry out his work on purpose. It was a betrayal that cost American lives.”

Biden’s comments came after publishing interview content indicating that Trump admitted last February that he knew the seriousness of the emerging corona virus and its ability to spread, but he did not convey this information to the American people because he did not want to cause panic.

The recorded interviews obtained by CNN and were the basis for a new book, “Anger” by journalist Bob Woodward, appeared a few weeks before the presidential election on November 3.

Source: Agencies


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