Beware of applications that spy on WhatsApp conversations


According to the “digitalinformationworld” website, these spying applications bypass the encryption feature in messaging applications and use the data they collect to spy on user activity over the Internet.

For example, WhatsApp contains a feature that indicates that the user is “connected to the Internet”, which is generally a natural feature of the application, but when this information is constantly monitored by third-party applications, the services are able to create a detailed profile for the user who is spying on.

These reports are also used to determine a user’s bedtime, with whom they talk, and even compare other users’ activity history to see which one matches them.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said: “The application provides users with many control features that allow them to protect their profile picture in addition to the status of“ last seen ”, or“ about ”. The company says it has an anti-abuse system that allows it to identify and prevent any abuse. Potential driven by its user base.

Moreover, the Google Play Store includes dozens of spy apps that track WhatsApp users, which are clearly added to the Android application platform as intended to spy on WhatsApp and do not try to hide their motives, and successfully misuse user data by accessing WhatsApp in a way. Unknown.

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