Between loaning and selling … Al-Ittihad bids farewell to 6 of its stars


The Board of Directors of Al-Ittihad Club, headed by Anmar Al-Haeli, announced the departure of 6 players from the strength of the team during the current summer Mercato.

The federation wants to replace and renew the first football team, to avoid the suffering of the last sports season, in which the first football team “miraculously” survived from relegation to the first division.

The official account of the federation was published through its official account on the short blogging site “Twitter” through which he revealed the late players from the team, namely: “Abdul Aziz Al-Eryani (Damak loan), Abdullah Al-Ammar (Damak transfer), Yunus Abdul Wahid (Jeddah loan), Assaf. Al-Qarni (termination of contract), Ammar Al-Duhaim (termination of contract), Muhammad II (termination of loan). “

Al Ittihad club began its preparations for the new season 2020-2021, starting last week, under the leadership of Brazilian coach Fabio Carelli.


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