Before his press conference … “A request from Macron to the Lebanese”


French President Emmanuel Macron will hold a press conference at 7 pm Beirut time to address the Lebanese file.The Deputy Chairman of the Kataeb Party, Salim Al-Sayegh, interacted on his Facebook account with French President Emmanuel Macron, after he asked the Lebanese to send him all their questions before his press conference, which will be held tonight.

Salim Al-Sayegh reminded President Macron of his threat to the corrupt political class with sanctions if they did not fulfill their obligations to him, and asked him whether he would carry out his threats by confiscating their properties and assets in European countries, and by chasing them in Switzerland and Luxembourg, where they hide their treasures stolen from the Lebanese.

He concluded: “Finally, he asked President Macron to restore Lebanon’s dignity and promised that Lebanon would preserve the favor and return it a thousand times over.”

The deputy head of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, Dr. Salim Al-Sayegh, interacted via Facebook with French President Emmanuel Macron after his request to …

Posted by Selim el Sayegh PAGE on Sunday, 27 September 2020


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