Bassem Syed Hijab Prize


Coinciding with the eightieth anniversary of the birth of the Egyptian poet Sayed Hijab (1940-2017), his widow, Mervat Al-Jasri, announced the launch of a prize for colloquial poetry called the “Sayed Hijab Prize in Colloquial Poetry.” . In a statement to her, Al-Jisri pointed out that the board of trustees of the award will be formed from it, from Reem Sayed Hijab and from Mustafa Taher, provided that the door to apply for the award will open on September 23 of each year, coinciding with the birth anniversary of the well-known Egyptian poet.[email protected] It is to close on December 31, and the winner will be announced on January 25, coinciding with the anniversary of his departure. Regarding the conditions for submission, Mervat Al-Jisry said that to apply for the award, the candidate must be an Egyptian national, and not be over forty years old, and he has not previously published any poetry collection before (the award is dedicated to the first poetic work), and the winner will also receive a medal. Syed Hijab », in colloquial poetry. Note that the awardees will print the winning work in partnership with one of the most prominent Egyptian publishing houses.


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