Bassem Mughniyeh is under attack from the Egyptian people for this reason


Lebanese actor revealedBassem MughniyehTo be subjected to a strong attack because of what he said in a previous post that he is the only one who wears a muzzle in Egypt:My friends in Egypt, I hope for an answer. Has Corona in Egypt and there is no? I feel that this is the only country in the universe that suffers from Corona. O Lord, be the heck. I am the only one who does the muzzle. Everyone will see me. “
After the attack on him, Basim confirmed his love for Egypt, but said what he saw and apologized to everyone who felt offended:
I am receiving an attack on social media from some because of tweets. I asked my friends in Egypt, and they are very many, if there is Corona in Egypt because I see few who wear a muzzle. Did you make a mistake in the right of Egypt? And I say it with all love. I wrote it a while ago on the same topic in Lebanon. Everyone knows my great love for Egypt and my friends there. I know every corner of you, Cairo. If I were an Egyptian and wrote this tweet, would I have criticized? Um, because I am not Egyptian. By the way, I am Lebanese, Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi, Algerian, and Arab. I apologize to everyone I feel offended. Greetings to the beloved Egypt.


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