Barcelona president is threatened with imprisonment if he allows Messi to leave for free – the athlete – international stadiums


English press reports revealed that the current Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, may end up in prison if Lionel Messi is allowed to leave the Catalan team free of charge.

Sky Sports journalist Guillem Balag said in a series of tweets that he posted on his Twitter account that Bartomeu’s situation will be difficult if Messi leaves for free, as the next president will be entitled to sue the current president, and the matter may reach prison. As a punishment for abandoning the Argentine star and involving the club in financial problems.

Balag continued: “Messi’s departure from Barcelona for free from Barcelona will certainly expose the club to great financial losses in the new season, and will lead to financial deficit and with it wholesale problems in the club, and if elections are held and a new president comes to replace Bartomeu, he may go to sue him because of this absurd and chaotic situation in Barcelona, ​​and consequently. It is possible that Bartomeu will be sentenced and thrown in prison. ”

He explained, “Bartomeu will not give up Messi easily, and he will try to keep him because he will not be able to compensate the club financially if the Argentine star leaves.”

Jorge Messi, Lionel Messi’s father and agent, is scheduled to meet with Bartomeu later on Wednesday to determine the future of his son, who wants to leave the Catalan team during the current class transfer period, a year before the end of his contract.

It should be noted that the Barcelona club elections will be held next March, amid a significant decline in Bartomeo’s popularity, after his crisis with Barcelona’s stars, headed by Messi, in addition to the humiliating team’s exit from the Champions League competition after the humiliating loss to Bayern Munich, 8-2. ِ



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