Barcelona news: What is the truth about Osman Dembele moving to Manchester United?


Osman Dembele – Barcelona – La Liga

Sport 360 – wish Barcelona In getting rid of many of his players, after the heavy defeat he suffered against Bayern Munich in Champions League With a score of 2/8, Osman Dembele may have the turn.

Dembele is admired Manchester United, Who is looking for players who are able to play in the arcade, to sign them, after his signature with Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund winger, failed.

Dembele suffered a lot from repeated injuries, to become one of the undesirable players within the Barça ranks, despite Bartomeo’s administration’s insistence that he stay at the Camp Nou.

Manchester United is not determined to sign Dembele:

Amid reports indicating this morning that Manchester United and Barcelona are about to reach a final agreement on Dembele, the British “Sky Sports” network said that the Red Devils management is not intent on joining the French star.

She added, Dembele does not want to leave Barcelona, ​​nor is there an offer from Manchester United, and therefore negotiations between the two parties did not begin at all, unlike what has spread recently.

The aforementioned network continued: “Liverpool requested a loan from Dembele last June, with the option to buy, but the player preferred to stay in Barcelona.”

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