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The car market in the country has witnessed, finally, competitive manifestations between local agencies, represented by the introduction of digital services and virtual showrooms, allowing dealers to virtually roam inside the exhibitions, and learn about the properties and prices of cars via mobile phones and laptops, from homes.

Officials of car agencies confirmed to Emirates Today that the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic has accelerated the expansion and shift towards digital services and e-commerce, a necessary future pattern that is considered one of the positive variables in the sector resulting from “Covid-19”, pointing out that auto agencies It has succeeded in adapting to market changes, which was demonstrated by gradually improving sales.

Innovative services

In detail, Michel Ayat, the CEO of “Arabian Automobiles Company”, one of the companies of the Abdul Wahed Al Rostamani Group, and the agent for Nissan, Infiniti and Renault cars in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, said that the company has offered innovative digital services in the face of the repercussions resulting from The spread of the new Corona virus, as it launched a virtual car showroom, allowing the dealer to visit him while he is at home, and view all available models, in addition to the application of e-commerce solutions that allow the completion of the purchase and payment process remotely.

He added that the company has also offered, through its electronic platform, a service that allows making video or interactive calls with customers to respond to their requirements remotely, pointing out that digital transformation is one of the positive variables that facilitate procedures more for customers, especially in light of the pandemic’s spread conditions.

Ayyat confirmed that it is now available for dealers to complete the vehicle purchase procedure, apply for remote financing, as well as provide car pick-up service at the right place for the customer, including his home, according to his desire.

He pointed out that the company has benefited from the advanced technical infrastructure in expanding innovative digital services, which has contributed greatly to facing the repercussions of “Corona”, for the three brands: “Nissan”, “Renault”, and “Infiniti”, in addition to offering value-added offers. And packages of offers on maintenance, including the services and facilities it contains.

Basic mechanisms

In turn, the General Director of the Porsche Cars Center Abu Dhabi, Wissam Khalil, said that virtual halls, digital transformation, value-added services, and facilities are the main mechanisms that auto agencies in the country have competed to offer recently, to face the repercussions of the “Covid-19” pandemic, which contributed to the acceleration of Digital transformation of several auto agencies, which is one of the positive variables in the sector recently. He added that the Porsche Center relied on digital services more to face the repercussions of Corona, and this included applying to purchase cars, expanding marketing operations through social media, while making it possible to communicate with sales officials, remotely, to conclude sales deals and explain offers. Available, especially with the ease of displaying car models at the exhibition via an electronic platform.

Added Value

Khalil agreed that value-added services and facilities are among the main methods that have been widely relied upon in the face of the repercussions of “Corona”, and this included offering “remote” reservation services to test driving a car, after it has been completely sterilized and delivered to the homes of customers, in addition to To the possibility of booking an appointment for the periodic maintenance of the vehicle, transferring it from the customer’s home to the maintenance center, charging it, and obtaining a maintenance price evaluation and approval remotely, without additional fees for those services.

He pointed out that the center provided value-added services, in cooperation with several banks, to facilitate the dealers, through the possibility of paying maintenance fees, with a credit card, and the amount in installments for periods ranging between six months and a year, without adding interest or commission to the service. He stressed that the pandemic contributed to the expansion of offers of facilities to dealers, focusing more on digital services, paying the first installment for vehicles, reserving them, or requesting “remote” financing, considering that car agencies have succeeded in adapting to the market variables imposed by the pandemic, which is what appeared Sales improved gradually during the end of the second quarter of this year, and the improvement indicators stabilized until the current period.

electronic trade

In the same context, the Director of the General Administration of “Toyota” at “Al-Futtaim Motors”, Saud Abbasi, said that the pandemic has greatly increased the aspects of competitiveness among car agencies in the country, by offering digital and virtual services and facilities.

He stressed that the pandemic has accelerated the company’s transformation towards e-commerce and digital services patterns, to complete pre-reservation and sell vehicles remotely, as well as request financing and pay purchases.

Abbasi agreed that the expansion of digital transformation is one of the positive aspects in the markets during the recent period, which has benefited the customers who have benefited from the competitiveness of agencies in offering smart innovative services and additional facilities.

Electronic platforms and virtual galleries

Recently, a number of car dealerships launched electronic platforms and virtual showrooms, the most prominent of which is «Arabian Automobiles».

“Al Ghandi Auto” also launched an e-commerce platform for the brands: Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC, which provides a virtual buying experience with the slogan “Shop .. Click .. Go”, and it also allows customers to access the platform 24 hours a day. Hourly every day of the week, from anywhere and at any time, and obtaining the information they want from the price, detailed pictures, features and specifications, as well as providing the option of full payment, or applying for financing online.

In turn, “Gargash Cars Agency” launched virtual showrooms, including an exhibition for the “Mercedes-Benz” brand in Dubai, with reference to this feature in Abu Dhabi in recent times.

These lounges allow the customer a 360-degree virtual tour to get to know the vehicle closely, whether from the outside or the interior, in addition to identifying the price plate and specifications of the vehicles on display, and making it possible to book and test the driving.

Car agencies allow booking an appointment for vehicle maintenance and transporting it from the customer’s home.

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