At tremendous speeds .. a new package of “Starlink” satellites for the Satellite Internet Project


With the launch of a new package of “Starlink” satellites, “SpaceX”, run by the American billionaire, Elon Musk, revealed that its satellites dedicated to providing Internet service had “very low latency and download speeds greater than 100 megabytes per second.”

It launched a new group of 60 satellites to join the constellation of Starlink satellites that have been launched in beams during the past months.With the recent launch, SpaceX now has more than 700 satellites from the Space Internet Project in orbit.

And Musk had announced that his project needed to have 400 satellites in orbit to provide “initial operating capacity”.

The company hopes to be able to start providing satellite Internet services with “great operational capacity” when the number of its launch satellites reaches 800 at least, which may happen soon.

The space Internet project has received widespread criticism from astronomers, who have expressed their fear of contaminating the landscape of the night sky, as the satellites reflect light to a large extent.According to scientists, satellites may do great harm to their ability to observe and observe the sky and study the universe from Earth.

SpaceX is experimenting with several methods to reduce the visibility of its moons.


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