At $ 10 and in 30 minutes … Corona will soon be examined at airports – Saudi Arabia News


A number of travel enthusiasts are waiting for an Italian company to complete the development of a test to check infection with Corona virus at airports, which shows the result of infection in 30 minutes at a cost not exceeding 10 dollars per traveler.According to “Bloomberg”, the new tests focus on the rapid examination of antibodies by detecting antibodies to “Covid-19” instead of the virus itself, which makes the examination faster and cheaper, but it may be less accurate than the currently applied methods. Noting that the tests are under final development and should be ready next month.

The agency pointed out that the new examination will require the traveler to present the test swab, before the result appears within 30 minutes, which would enable passengers to board the plane and not conduct this examination if they performed a PCR examination on the same day or in the past 72 hours. In return, anyone infected with the virus is prevented from boarding the plane and asked to return home and isolate himself

“Bloomberg” quoted the manufacturer as saying that the examination will only cost 10 dollars once it is implemented at airports around the world, indicating that airport employees can conduct the examination without specialized medical training, and provide the result within 15 to 30 minutes at the maximum.


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