Ashraf Abdel-Baqi reveals the beginning of his artistic career: I used to work in iron and spent on the stage


The artist said Ashraf Abdel Baqi He practiced theater since he was in the first grade of high school, and he joined the Nokrashi School so that he could present the art of theater, adding: “I presented theater in the National Party and other parties, although I do not belong to any of them, but because they used to provide us with a stage, and I remember that the most important The plays that I performed at that stage were “The Tragedy of Al-Hallaj”. I was then in the third year of high school and played the role of Hallaj, and I won an award for this role.

Abdel-Baqi added while hosting the Her Excellency program with the artist Isaad Younes on DMC channel, we used to work in the theater and spend from our pockets to produce shows, as we were the ones who did the decoration of the show and the music and rent the clothes, but in the end we were very enjoying, and at that time it was I have an iron and aluminum workshop and a decor gallery, and my work was the one that helped me spend on shows, and by the way, I have been working since I was in the sixth grade of primary school and when I got to high school, I had my own workshop and at the university stage I had a decor exhibition, so I love to work.

Abdel-Baqi revealed: I came to the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts and there I got to know the late Saad Ardash, Jalal Al-Sharqawi and others who weighed on my talent. Presented at the institute with a scene by writer Salah Abdel Sabour from the tragedy of Al Hallaj.


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