Arab Sea for Saudi Information Systems establishes a company for digital payments


The Saudi Arabian Sea Information Systems Company said in a statement to the Saudi Stock Exchange today, Sunday, that its board of directors approved the establishment of a company specializing in digital payments.

She added that the new company would be wholly owned by it, based in Riyadh.

Background on the Arabian Sea Company

A Saudi company founded in 1980, headquartered in Riyadh, and it is listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange, and it works in providing information solutions and systems. It has several branches in Saudi Arabia, and has agents in the UAE, Oman, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Mauritania and India, according to its website.

(Prepared by Abdel Qader Ramadan and Abdel Qader works for the Masrawy Al-Masry website, as he previously worked in several institutions, including the Egyptian Voices website affiliated with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Egyptian Stock Exchange newspaper, and the Egyptian satellite channel CBC)

(Editing by Yasmine Saleh, for contact: [email protected])

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