Apple will take a piece from Samsung and produce an “iPhone Fold” .. Delivery to the home


The American company “Apple” is trying to catch up with its biggest competitor, the Korean company “Samsung”, as it has finally started developing a foldable iPhone.

Samsung has released 4 foldable smartphones over the past year and plans to launch more of these devices in the future.

Yvonne Fuld

According to a new report, “Apple” has requested the supply of a large number of foldable OLED screens from “Samsung”, and “Apple” uses folding panels to test the prototype of its device.

In 2019, Samsung provided some samples of its foldable screens to its US competitor. This means that “Apple” may be in the final stages of developing the foldable device.

So far, the possible shape of the foldable iPhone has not been revealed, and it remains to be seen whether Apple will adopt the Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold 2 design.

John Prosser, the US leak, indicated earlier that the prototype “iPhone” foldable will use two separate screens connected by a hinge, and it will have round edges of stainless steel, and a small part on the external screen that houses the Face ID sensor.

It is reported that “Huawei”, “Microsoft” and “Motorola” launched their folding smartphones, and it seems that “Apple” wants to catch up quickly.


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