“Apple” presents its presentation without reference to “iPhone”


On Tuesday, Apple showed the new models for its Apple Watch and iPad tablet, in addition to its new Apple One subscription, but it did not announce any information about its iPhone 12 smartphone, which might be compatible with the fifth generation technology.During a presentation entirely virtualized and broadcast over the Internet from its Cupertino (California) headquarters, the company first unveiled its new Internet-connected watch, the Apple Watch, the sixth edition. Among the most prominent innovations in this new version is the development of a tool that calculates the level of oxygen in the blood within a few seconds, which is an effective assessment of respiratory functions, according to “Apple”.

The watch will be available from Friday in stores, to be sold at a starting price of $ 399. And users can synchronize their watches with the new fitness app “Fitness Plus”, which provides exercise exercises over the Internet via “iPhone” or “iPad” or “Apple TV”. This application may compete with the services of the “Peloton” company, which specializes in home sports bikes, and “Nike” for sports equipment.

Also new is the subscription of “Apple One” in the streaming platforms, music and video games of “Apple”, as well as in its computing service (telematics). The basic subscription price starts at $ 14.95 per month, and will be available this fall in about 100 countries, while the price of the family subscription is set at $ 19.95 per month.

The premium subscription is priced at 29.95 per month, and also includes “Fitness Plus” and “Apple” news platform “Apple News Plus”, and will be available in Australia, Canada, Britain and the United States.

“With + Apple One, you can get the best of what Apple has in the field of entertainment, on all its devices, and with one subscription,” said Eddie Q, chief of information and software services at Apple. Apple also announced new models of its two tablets, “iPad” (starting at $ 329) and “iPad Air” (starting at $ 599). Starting Wednesday, the iOS software will be updated to run “Apple”.

“IPhone 12” next month?

Daniel Ives of “Wabush Securities” considered that the launch of a new generation of “Apple Watch” and “iPad Air” and a set of services in one package “constitute important components of the company’s success as the year 2021 and beyond,” despite the fact that the focus of “Wall Street” is on The expected launch of the fifth-generation iPhone 12 in October. Apple did not mention during the hypothetical presentation of the new version of the fifth generation iPhone that consumers are waiting for, as is Wall Street.

And a number of experts predicted that next month the company will likely hold a display exclusively for its new phone. Some reported that this delay was due to a delay in production due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ives indicated that the company expects to increase its production with the launch of the “iPhone 12”, which will be available in four models. Avi Greengart of “Texponenchel” said that there is a “great need” for “Apple” for an iPhone that works with the technology of the fifth generation. “Not for the United States, but for China, where the fifth generation technology is the motivation behind the decision to buy a phone,” he added.

The two companies, “Samsung” and “LG”, the two South Korean competitors to “Apple”, have put on the market models of their phones using the fifth generation technology.


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