“Apple” bleeds $ 500 billion


The technology giant “Apple”, in 12 trading sessions alone, fell 22.6% from a record high of $ 137.98 from September 2, and the company lost $ 532 billion of its market value.
This rapid and sharp decline in “Apple” shares came on the heels of their massive rise last August alone, by 21.4%, before the stock split by 4 for 1, and because the recently launched “Apple” products did not live up to the expected level. On Tuesday, the company announced, in a disappointing event, the launch of a group of new devices and some updated software, including Apple Watch 6, iPad Air, and service packs called “Apple One”. While Apple did not announce any new iPhones.
However, some analysts believe that Apple will rebound from here given its huge location and history of high-quality products.


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