Apple adds a new anti-spyware feature, “green and orange points”


Apple announced the addition of many features that increase the preservation of user privacy, through the iOS 14 operating system, and among these new features a feature appears on the right side of the status bar at the top of the iPhone or iPad.

This feature appears in the form of green and orange points and indicates when to use the camera or microphone on your device, that is, when an application reaches the camera or microphone, you will know this through the appearance of colored points.

What does the orange point mean?

When the orange dot appears on the iPhone, this means that an application is using the microphone, and this means that the application is listening to the microphone and may also record audio, for example: You will see this indicator when taking a voice note, sending an audio message, or using (Siri).

So you shouldn’t see the orange dot on the iPhone until you do something that involves using the microphone.
Suppose you see the orange dot in situations where you do something that does not need a microphone, in this case, this could mean that the app is violating your privacy, and it may be trying to use your recording for illegal purposes.

For example: It shouldn’t appear if you are playing a game without the audio input component, but in iOS 14 you can delete the app or disable its microphone access as follows:

Go to settings and tap on the app, then toggle the switch next to the microphone to the off position.

In previous versions of the operating system (iOS), you could only know when to access the microphone when the app was in the background, and a red dot was showing, this feature will remain the same in iOS 14, but the orange indicator point will appear at the same time when using The application that uses the microphone.

What does the green dot mean?

You will see a green dot in the status bar on your iPhone running iOS 14 when an app accesses the camera, and this also means that the microphone is accessed as well.

If you find that an application is accessing your camera without any apparent reason, it is a good idea to contact the developer or customer support, if they cannot give a logical explanation for this, and you suspect that the application is spying on you, it is a good idea to delete the application or revoke access to the camera on As follows:

Go to settings and tap on the app, then toggle the switch next to the camera.

Information control center about green and orange points:
If you want to know which app has accessed the camera or microphone, just open the Control Center within a few minutes of the cursor appearing. It will show you the name of the app as well as whether it has accessed the camera or microphone.

Note, however, that iOS 14 cannot know what the app is doing with the data, as the data can be kept on your device or it can be transferred over the network. But the purpose of this feature is to notify you when applications access your microphone and camera.

This feature will encourage apps to be more transparent as it risks denying users if they gain unnecessary access to iPhone sensors.


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