Anghami collects more than a million dollars for the victims of the Beirut bombing


With the voice of Beirut that rose loudly on Anghami on Tuesday evening, September 8th, the level of love directed to the Lebanese capital rose through contributions and donations exceeding one million dollars.

The Sound Of Beirut has succeeded in attracting more than thirty Arab and international artists, who gathered around them lovers from all over the globe. For two hours, they sang and sent messages of support from the heart to Lebanon, at a time when the followers pressed the donations button and gave what they could to those affected by the explosion of the Fourth of August.

Procter & Gamble, on the lips of a spokesperson, expressed its desire to support the affected Lebanese community through the most effective means, so it chose The Sound Of Beirut initiative from Anghami and other initiatives to provide

One million US dollars divided between cash assistance and in-kind contributions. The speaker added: “P&G hopes, through collective contributions such as these by international companies, that the people of Beirut will be able to rebuild and rehabilitate what has been destroyed.

Their city. ”

Participating artists

“Oh my beloved Beirut,” Ragheb Alama’s voice chanted, opening the comprehensive musical meeting to repeat the praise of the participating artists with a message from the heart to The Chainsmokers and to the young Khaled who presented his masterpiece, Didi, amid the interaction of the concert’s followers. the artist

The international Craig David had a special participation, as for the artist, Maya Diab, who presented Medley with an influential patriotic character.

On the love of Beirut, Massari and Ali Gatie met in a humanitarian duet, followed by an intervention by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Hamaki, in which he called everyone to donate to Beirut and then presented “we can do it” as a message of hope to the Lebanese.

DJ Alan Walker took us to his own world, who lived Beirut on his own way, and so did the Emirati singer Belqis, combining the songs “Beirut” and “Les Yeux de la mama”.

A positive dose of support from the Moroccan international producer and artist RedOne and the song “No Impossible”, while the patriotic moment was with Ghassan Saliba and the song “My country knows me”.

Combining the Lebanese and Moroccan flags, the singer Hatem Ammour appeared, and from Tunisia Latifa participated in The Sound Of Beirut and chose to sing in the Lebanese dialect “Amnli Beit”. Then came the looks of Joseph Attieh and Aleph from a group

8eArt and from the Arabian Gulf, a special performance by Hammoud Al-Khader.

Joe Ashkar chose to present two patriotic songs, as was the participation of the Lebanese team Adonis, followed by a look by the international artist Justin Jesso, and from Lebanon also the artist Adam.

To Algeria we took the famous rapper Didin Cannon and to its neighbor Tunisia again with the rapper ALA. The international artist Powfu sent a message of support to Beirut, as did the artist Sami Yusef, and then it was a special look for Bebe Rexha and Hani Mitwasi

From Jordan and Meshaal from Saudi Arabia.

Actress Abeer Nehme joined The Sound Of Beirut, followed by DJ Regard, to conclude the concert presented by the distinguished journalist Rula Safa, with the appearance of DJ Rodge, who presented his most beautiful music from Anghami offices in Beirut.

The audience’s interaction with the Anghami evening reflected generous donations that will be distributed to the affected people by Global Aid For Lebanon, in cooperation with the UN WFP.

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese channel MTV took over the TV broadcast of The Sound Of Beirut after it launched on the Anghami app. Concurrently, the Vox Cinemas Group showed the concert at several of its showrooms, and all proceeds from the sale were gone

Cards to those affected, also through Global Aid For Lebanon, in cooperation with UN WFP.

This huge artistic event, which was launched as a humanitarian initiative to heal the wounds of Beirut and its people, would not have seen the light and attracted all those views and assistance had it not been for the support of all artists and partners, especially Sony Music Entertainment

Universal Music, Believe, Global Lebanese Music Producer and Head of Global Partnerships at Anghami Wasim SAL Salibi.

The Anghami company that was launched from Lebanon will not be late for a moment to support every rightful humanitarian cause wherever it is, so that the voice of Beirut does not diminish, nor the pulse of music and freedom.

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