Angham explains to “The Seventh Day” the truth about her marriage to the leader of her band


Over the past period, a large number of social media pioneers circulated news related to the star Angham, which is her marriage to the musician Hany Farhat, which greatly angered the singing star, especially since she considers that her personal life belongs to her alone and her family.

“The Seventh Day” Contact the singing star Angham for “The Seventh Day”, to clarify the truth of this marriage, as she completely denied the news of her marriage to the leader of her band Hany Farhat, confirming that she has been working with him since her childhood. More.

Angham asked the audience and her followers to investigate the accuracy of what is being circulated about her, specifically with regard to her personal life, stressing that she does not like to go into her life in this humiliating manner.

On the other hand, singer Angham is preparing to perform a concert in Jeddah, on the occasion of the Saudi National Day on September 24, at a ceremony within the Saudi concerts in King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, the National Day.


Angham (2)

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