Android users will soon get 117 new emojis


Earlier this week, Google announced the launch of its latest version of Android, and with the introduction of the Android operating system 11, it is expected that smartphone users will get a set of new features, including -117 new and updated emoji, and in an official post In the blog, Emojipedia said that all 117 new emoji are based on Emoji 13.0 recommendations, and some emoji designs have undergone beta testing over the past few months, while the blog post indicated that “the size of these changes makes the Android 11.0 emoji update from Google the largest. Since Android 8.0 of 2017.

While not all emojis are completely new as the changes also include subtle shading and outline adjustments for all people, red hearts instead of purple hearts, mods for various objects and symbols, while some of the new emojis that Android users will get include a smiley face with tears, a hooded face and fingers. Pinched.


Aside from 10 new people’s emojis, 12 new animals have also been added, including the black cat and the polar bear, Android 11 has been officially rolled out to a few select eligible devices as is the case with all Android updates, and it will be up to the flags. Commercial and telecom companies when and how they introduce Android 11 to their smartphones.

As for Emojipedia, she explained that “these updates do not apply to Samsung devices that have their own set of emojis, which are updated according to a separate schedule of emoji updates for the Android system from Google, and applications on Android such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook also contain emoji designs. Their own custom, which is presented in a separate table for Google. “


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