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Kuwaitis became impatient in front of television screens yesterday (Tuesday) when the television cut off its regular broadcast and began broadcasting recitations from the Holy Qur’an for a while, and as soon as some time elapsed, he officially announced the death of the Prince of humanity and the noble positions Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah after decades of giving in the service of the Kuwaiti people and the two nations Arabic and Islamic. Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah was appointed Emir of Kuwait to succeed the deceased, as the new Emir of Kuwait will take the constitutional oath today (Wednesday).The news of the death of the Emir of Kuwait, who was receiving treatment in an American hospital due to the deterioration of his health, came out in the Gulf, Arab and international Islamic media. The deceased, may God have mercy on him, was a respected and appreciated leadership in all world circles, and the nation’s leaders mourned him.

Four decades passed in which Sheikh Sabah, may God have mercy on him, witnessed major historical events in his country, the region and the world at large.

Sheikh Sabah, 91, was admitted to a hospital in the United States last July for treatment after undergoing surgery in Kuwait in the same month. The deceased is considered the fifteenth Emir of Kuwait, and the fifth after the independence of his country .. The Saudi leadership expressed its deep sadness at the death of the Emir of Kuwait. With his death, the Kingdom lost a prime partner, advocate and mediator to maintain security, peace and stability in the Middle East region in general and the Gulf region .. The Kingdom has always appreciated the honorable brotherly stances of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad towards the Kingdom in all the challenges it faced, including his response to the Kingdom’s call for the State of Kuwait to join the coalition. Supporting legitimacy in Yemen.

Experts emphasized that Sheikh Sabah played a decisive role in completing the agreement attached to the Partition Agreement and the divided submarine zone agreement to resume oil production from common fields, and the Kingdom was keen on the security and stability of Kuwait, and it will continue to support the new Kuwaiti leadership in facing various future crises and challenges. The fact that the Kingdom and Kuwait are linked by deep-rooted historical ties that stem from visions, cohesion and a common destiny. And history abounds with pages of heroism and honorable positions. The Kingdom also welcomes and supports the person chosen by the ruling family in Kuwait as the Emir of the country, succeeding Sheikh Sabah, and whoever is chosen for the position of Crown Prince, and it will not hesitate to provide the necessary support to its sister Kuwait in various fields.

Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah began his first political life and practiced public work and was not more than 25 years old when he was appointed on July 19, 1954 as a member of the Supreme Executive Committee entrusted with the task of organizing the interests and major government departments, developing action plans and following up the implementation of those Plans.

In 1955, he assumed the position of Head of the Department of Social Affairs and Labor, and he also took over the organization of the relationship between workers and employers, and took an interest in the arts, on top of which is theater, and established the first center for the care of folk arts in Kuwait in 1956, then in 1957, the Presidency of the Department of Publications and Publishing was added to its tasks. As he worked to publish the official newspaper of Kuwait, “Kuwait Today,”. The world mourns the “prince of noble attitudes” … Kuwaitis mourn … Saudis mourn … and Sheikh Nawaf takes the oath today … the voice of wisdom leaves us quietly … and a smooth transition to power.


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