“An Egyptian” complains of abdominal pain .. After performing an operation that lasted 4 hours, the doctors discovered the “surprise”! – Pictures


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Doctors at Qasr Al-Ainy Hospital in Egypt were able to extract a sum of 6,500 pounds from the stomach of a patient in a 4-hour surgery.

Dr. Abd al-Rahman Mustafa, a teaching assistant in the general surgery department in Qasr al-Aini, who performed the operation, said that the patient was suffering from severe pain in the abdomen and stated that he swallowed sums of money at intervals, and it turned out that he also suffers from severe infections in the abdomen and intestine, and immediately entered the hospital and was performed Examinations, x-rays and surgery, which took 4 hours. According to the “seventh day.”

The doctor added: “The amount was 6,500 pounds in a banknote contained in four rolls, which caused him problems in the intestine. This was not the only case of extracting coins and strange things from the abdomen. Before they were extracted from a patient’s stomach, 39 nails, clippers and a lighter.”


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