An American report .. One habit doubles the risk of infection with Corona


He said report An interview with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “CDC”, that eating in restaurants or going to cafes may double the risk of a person contracting the emerging coronavirus.

The report pointed out that there were also risks of infection for those who went to salons, offices, sports clubs or markets, but restaurants were more acute.

According to the report, those whose tests showed positive results for their infection with Corona infection were twice as likely to have eaten outside than those who showed negative results.

The report emphasized that societal exposure and close interaction contribute to the spread of the epidemic further.

He pointed to the need to take into account efforts to reduce exposure to the virus, especially in places where it is difficult to maintain masks and apply social distancing, as is the time to eat and drink.

During a research conducted by the centers, data were collected from 314 Americans who had been tested for infection with the Coronavirus.

The centers asked the participants about where they spent their time during the last two weeks, and if they were in contact with one of them.

The sample tests showed positive results for 154 people, while 160 of them were negative.

It was found during the research that 63 of those who tested positive had visited a restaurant recently.

It was also found that 13 of them went to cafes or bars, in addition to 12 who went to places of worship recently.


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