An “amazing” theory for why Corona does not spread in the slums of Africa


Crowded townships, shared laundry spaces, and the impossibility of enforcing social distancing are common factors in poor neighborhoods in South Africa.

According to experts, these factors may be the main driver of the spread novel coronavirus In densely populated areas of Africa, this hasn’t happened on the ground.

But the surprise now is that the factors of extreme poverty in the neighborhoods of South Africa and other African countries may be the reason to protect their residents from infection with Corona, according to a theory launched by a number of Scholars Those who specialize in studying the virus.

Professor Shabir Madi, Chief Scientist said Viruses In South Africa and one of the main researchers on the mission to reach the vaccine.Covid-19“It seems likely that our bad conditions are in the interest of African countries and their inhabitants,” according to the BBC.

Scientists in the country said that by studying blood samples from residents of poor areas, we may find evidence that the population has been infected with many previous viruses, including corona viruses of previous types, which means that the population enjoys a large degree of Immunity Against the emerging corona virus.

Explaining the data, Professor Madi said, “It is a hypothesis. It may explain a certain level of pre-existing protective immunity … it is the reason for the non-spread.” The epidemic (As happened in other parts of the world), “according to the BBC.

Scientists in Africa believe that due to the large spread of infectious viruses in densely populated neighborhoods, where it is difficult for infected people to isolate themselves, they may have stronger immunity against the emerging corona virus.

“Protection may be more effective in densely populated areas, in the African environment,” Madi said. “This may explain why infections are so low in Africa.”

At a time when many regions of the world, led by Europe, are witnessing a new increase in cases of Coronavirus, it seems that the matter is in the Africa On the contrary, according to what was confirmed by official statements.

He was the chief public health official at AfricaLast week, he indicated that the continent had witnessed a remarkable decrease of 20 percent in virus cases Corona Sure, he warned, “against exaggerating the jubilation of the ending Epidemic. “

The African continent has recorded more than 1.2 million confirmed cases, nearly half of them in one country South Africa.


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