American expert: Corona vaccine in November or December


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The chief infectious disease expert in the United States of America, Dr. Anthony Fauchi, expected that a vaccine for the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) would be approved by November or December, indicating that he was ready to “bet on this date.”

He added, in front of a congressional committee, that researchers are testing vaccines by actually giving them to some, while others are given a “placebo”, and monitoring those who receive the actual treatment, to see if the vaccine has an effect on the symptoms of the emerging corona virus.

And Anthony Fauci pointed out that all indications point to the possibility of finding a solution to the epidemic sweeping the world sooner than the expected timeframe.

The official, who runs the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, confirmed that the United States began the flu season with a high rate of Coronavirus infections, which amounted to about 40,000 new infections per day, and 1,000 deaths per day on average.

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