Amendment of the prison sentence of Sama Al-Masry


On Monday, the Cairo Economic Appellant Misdemeanor Court issued a decision to amend Sama Al-Masry’s imprisonment sentence of 3 years and a fine of 300 thousand pounds, to two years imprisonment, after accusing her of incitement to immorality and immorality, according to the site Khaberni.

It is noteworthy that the First Circuit of Cairo Economic Misdemeanor Court, headed by Counselor Rami Mansour, previously issued a decision to punish Sama Al-Masry with 3 years imprisonment and 300,000 pounds in fines, accusing her of inciting immorality and immorality.

Last May, the referral papers from the Public Prosecution to the Economic Court revealed that on April 24, 2020, the Chief Prosecutor for Financial and Commercial Affairs ordered, which included the indictment against Samia Ahmed Attia Abdel Rahman, the famous “Sama Al-Masry”.


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