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On Wednesday evening, all eyes are on the club match Crescent moon Saudi Arabia against Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, in the sixth and final round of the second group of the AFC Champions League.

“Erm News” monitors, in the following report, the most prominent features of Al-Hilal’s confrontation against Al-Ahly’s youth.

Date and transmission channels

The match will be held at the “Khalifa International” stadium in the Qatari capital, Doha, at nine o’clock today, Wednesday, Saudi Arabia, ten o’clock in the evening UAE time.

The match was broadcast on “BN Sports 7” with the voice of commentator Raouf bin Khalif, Cup 3 with the voice of commentator Ahmed Al-Tayeb, and the AFC channel via “YouTube” with the voice of commentator Mashary Al-Qarni.

And at the same time, the second confrontation of the Iranian group, Shahir Khodro, will take place against Pakhtakor of Uzbekistan.

Group ranking … and qualification scenarios

Al Hilal leads the Group B standings, with 11 points and has officially qualified for the round of sixteen, while Pakhtakor ranks second with 8 points.

Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai occupies third place with 7 points, followed by Shaher Khodro, who ranks last with one point.

The youth of Al-Ahly Dubai need to beat Al-Hilal in order to raise its balance to 10 points, which guarantees them qualification on the condition of a tie or a loss for Pakhtakor against Shaher Khodro.

History witnesses 10 official confrontations between the two teams, and Al Hilal has 5 victories against a single victory for Al-Ahly Dubai and 4 draws.

The meetings began in the Gulf Clubs Championship, the champions of the year 2000, and Al Hilal won by four without a response, then they met in the group stage of the AFC Champions League in 2009, and Al Hilal won in Saudi Arabia 2-1 and Al Hilal beat the Emirates 3-1.

The two teams met again in the group stage of the Champions League in 2010, and tied with a goal for each, and Al-Hilal won the UAE 3-2 and met in the groups of the 2014 edition and tied in Saudi Arabia with two goals each and also in the UAE without goals.

The clash between the two teams renewed in the 2015 Champions League semi-finals, and Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai in the UAE won 3-2 after a 1-1 draw in Saudi Arabia, then they met in the group stage this season and Al Hilal won 2-1.

The ambition of Al-Ahly youth

The youth of Al-Ahly Dubai are looking for a difficult opportunity to qualify against Al-Hilal, as winning alone is not enough. Rather, the Emirati team will wait for the Iranian Shaher Khodro gift to disrupt Pakhtakor, even with a draw.

Spanish coach Gerard Zargosa, youth coach of Al Ahly Dubai, said before the match that his team will face a difficult confrontation against Al Hilal, which remains great regardless of the difficult circumstances it faces in the current period with the outbreak of the Corona epidemic among the team members.

The confrontation will be special for the Brazilian star Carlos Eduardo, who joined from Al Hilal several weeks ago and will play his first meeting against his former team.

Zargosa relies on a squad that includes goalkeeper Majid Nasser and in front of him is the four-line defense, Mohammed Jaber, Walid Abbas, Ahmed Abdullah and Abdel Aziz Haykal, while he leads the midfield, he fought Abdullah, Abdullah Al-Naqbi and Majid Hassan with the attacking trio Carlos Eduardo, Pedro Conde and Ahmed Khalil.

Crescent troubles

Al-Hilal enters the match in difficult circumstances after the spread of Coronavirus infections among the members of the team to the point that the Romanian coach Razvan Lucescu, the technical director of the Saudi team, confirmed in statements to the Romanian newspapers that there were 30 injuries between the team and the technical and administrative staff, but he will fight for the Asian coronation.

Al-Hilal officially decided to qualify, but the circumstances pushed him to a compelling line-up, like the one he played against Shahir Khodro of Iran, and included goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayouf and in front of him, South Korean Yang Hun Su, Muhammad Jahfli, Amir Al-Kurdi, Madallah Al-Olayan defense, Muhammad Keno, Nasir Al-Dossari, Mansour Al-Bishi to the center and Hattan Bahabri And Mohamed Al-Kanidari and Andre Carrillo to be attacked.

Ayman al-Ramadi, the coach of Ajman of the United Arab Emirates, told “Erm News”, that the confrontation will be difficult for the two teams, as Al-Hilal has become difficult after the spread of the Corona virus.

He explained that the youth of Al-Ahly Dubai have important offensive cards, and there are elements with experience such as Carlos Eduardo and Ahmed Khalil, which helps the team to try to win while waiting for the position of the Pakhtakor match.


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