“Alibaba” launches a cloud computer the size of a pocketbook


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The Chinese giant “Alibaba” launched its first cloud-based pocket-sized computer that does not have a main unit or a central processing unit and a hard disk.

This was reported by the Chinese People’s Daily, noting that Zhang Jianfeng, president of the Chinese technology giant, had unveiled the company’s first cloud computer, named “Woying,” which is the size of a pocket wallet, and all its computing and storage functions are run in the cloud.

“Once connected to a single screen, users can enter the desktop of the cloud computer and access various applications and files,” she added.

The newspaper pointed out that the new Chinese computer “Woying” can expand its computing power in the cloud at any time, and can also meet the requirements of high-performance computing such as display animation and software development, and store all data in the cloud.

And the cloud computer has the same security protection capabilities as an Alibaba cloud data center.

“The shifting of computing power to the cloud is a common trend,” Zhang Jianfeng said. “This does not only happen in data but also in devices.”

He continued: “With the development of cloud technology, everyone can have a supercomputer on the cloud in the future.”

The newspaper pointed out that the experience of using the “Wing” computer in the office network environment was very smooth, noting that this model of computer is sold in the corporate office market only at the present time, but it can provide services to individual users in the future.

The term “cloud” refers to the electronic service resources that can be accessed over the Internet without the need to own the software and hardware necessary to provide them locally.

This includes having ample space for data storage, backup and self-syncing, software, task scheduling, email payment, and remote printing.

The “cloud” technology needs to be connected to the network so that the user can control these resources through an easy programming interface that ignores a lot of unimportant details to the user. The importance of this technology with the cloud computer is that it enables companies to manufacture a computer with a very small size that enables its owner to reach a size Massive data through a typical desktop-like window.


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